Solar Power Ground Mount System

The majority of residential or domestic solar power systems are generally roof mounted systems. A solar power ground mount system can offer those with the space, a system that can perform at its optimum and also giving you the ability to install a larger solar system to meet your requirements. A ground mount solar power system would generally be installed in a rural setting where space can be allocated.

One of the befits of a ground mount system is that air flow that occurs around the panels themselves. This allows the panels to work at a cooler temperature which in turn offers high efficiency and performance. It is also possible to have frames that can be adjusted so as get the maximum performance from the system depending on the season. i.e. in winter the sun sits lower in the sky therefore requiring panels to be angled in a more upright position. To achieve the maximum performance in summer they would be angled in a flatter position.

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We use Grace Solar Ground Mount systems as part of our installations as they offer a variety of different options depending on the installation location and conditions.