Solar Power Company

Welcome to GreenPowerCo

The Green Power Company are technical specialists in the provision of quality renewable energy and hydronic systems.

Focused on Distribution, Design, Installation and Engineering.

100% Australian owned and operated.

REC 18691 – Established 2001

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The Green Power Company  are technical specialists in the design, supply and installation of high quality solar power systems and energy storage systems. Our strength is our technical expertise, utilizing our employee base of licensed Clean Energy Accredited designers, technicians and experienced and off-grid engineers to deliver customized, high quality solar power systems for your community, business and home.

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Gain comfort in your home or office with an efficient HVAC system. Whether you’ll need to stay warm during winter or cool in summer, we have the smart and reliable technologies to fit your requirements.

The Green Power Company also has expert technicians who can handle HVAC designs and retro-fits, for apartments, hotels and large commercial buildings. Get in touch with us at 1300 857 813, and we can install your HVAC installation within reasonable costs.

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In terms of efficiency, it is well established that hydronic heating has several advantages over ducted heating: Using the suns energy to heat up internal spaces is a clever and cheap means of maintaining comfortable internal temperatures without the associated energy costs. Storing the suns radiant energy in thermally insulated hot water tanks, and piping the hot water via a heat exchange mechanism to underfloor heating and radiators, is a sustainable and pleasant way to heat your home.

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